"SQL-GUY cuts 3/4 of the time required to find a bad piece of SQL in the database and allows us to fine tune the application calls and save on systems resources."

Mike Paris
Trans Union LLC

"By using SQL-GUY, we can rapidly and effectively detect resource intensive SQL statements that slow down our business, usually before they go into production. This tool is essential and easy to handle. Every DB2 UDB user should have it."

Jan Ullmark
Chief DBA
RFV Data
Sundsvall, Sweden

Introducing SQL-GUY™

Why is this transaction taking so long?

Which connection has an SQL statement that is monopolizing the database?

When will this query end?

What's wrong with the database? Program XYZ usually completes in 10 minutes. It's been running now for over two hours!

Database meets SQL

You've heard these questions before. You've spent the last month fine tuning every aspect of the database engine, its heaps, its caches, its bufferpools, agents, and servers. You had achieved performance bliss.

Now your phone is ringing off the hook. The system is slow and the CIO is at your door. You have 10 minutes to identify the problem and get it fixed.

Even the best tuned database can fall victim to costly SQL statements. Database tuning only accounts for 25-33% of overall performance. SQL tuning is the primary factor in application performance.

  • Is the SQL well constructed? Is there another way?
  • Is there an index?
  • What about sorts? Clustering?

If your applications are like most applications, there can be THOUSANDS of SQL statements moving through your DB2 UDB engine every minute.

Which of these SQL statements is slowing down
the application the most?

What statement has the HIGHEST CPU cost?

Which statements have the LONGEST elapsed times?

Which statements have the HIGHEST sort times?

SQL-GUY is the DBA's Silver Bullet

Learn more about SQL-GUY today!

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